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    Focusing on ecological environment restoration, Eco-Elion aims to restore damaged land and water environment and to build beautiful eco-towns.
    Elion Clean Energy
    Focusing on green energy, environmental protection and controlling of air pollution.
    Elion Finance
    Ecological Environment Protection and Medical Health.

    Ecological restoration (land and water): Elion has been adopting biological and ecological techniques to restore desertified, rocky, salinized, alkalized and degraded land and to improve the environment of western deserts, which includes such national ecological projects as Ecological Environment Governance to Reduce storm in Beijing and Tianjin, Northwestern, Northern and Northeastern Windbreaks, Afforestation Project in Chongli for Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Southern Xinjiang Desertification Control and Brackish Water Treatment, Ecological Restoration in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,etc. What’s more, Elion has successfully exported its ecological restoration technologies abroad.     
    Eco-town (regimen-oriented tourism): Based on ecological restoration, Elion aims to provide an integrated solution for urban ecological residential environments, which is a combination of products and services covering regimen-oriented tourism and community culture.  

    Elion Clean Energy

    Green heat energy: “Micro-fine Coal Atomization", developed by Elion, has improved combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency to 98% and 90% respectively and saved 30% of coal consumption, achieving efficient and clean use of coal and reducing pollutants.  
    Ecological solar-energy system: Elion has developed a high-tech ecological solar-energy system which consists of power generation, tree and grass planting and breeding.


    Elion Finance

    Sticking to ecological environment protection and medical health, Elion intends to build a green finance platform that contains funds, trusts, credit investigation, third-party payment, finance companies, insurance and carbon finance.